• Formerly, it was a hundred percent state owned enterprise established on 20/01/1995, and it started operating frozen shrimp manufacturing and exporting on 03/02/1996. On 01/01/2003, it was equitized and transformed to Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company with trade name FIMEX VN. Then, its stock was listed at HOSE with stock code FMC on 07/12/2006, and the state own reduced to less than 4% now.
  • The processing plants of FMC locates in the Soc Trang City where are nearby the main transportation route, next to the residential zone, and only 20-30 km far away from the key shrimp sources. Thus, it has favors in transporting materials and products as well as easily accessing to human resources. Moreover, it is also a good condition to expand the company’s business in the future. Through 25-year operation, FMC has set up solid foundations in major markets included EU, Japan and the USA, and it also occupies considerable markets shares in South Korea and Australia. Processing capability of FMC is among the leading ranks of Vietnam, and its products have already been supplied to big restaurant and distribution chains. In 2008, FMC installed a vegetable factory named An San Foods Factory which specialized in Kakiage, vegetable mix, sweet potato, okra, eggplant, paprika, etc. processed in many styles such as steaming, frying, raw, mixed process, and so on for Japan market mainly. Realizing good opportunity from development of shrimp farming, in 2015, FMC completed setup a new factory, Sao Ta Seafood Factory, for frozen shrimp processing increasing its total capacity by 60%. In 2018, another factory named Tin An Seafood Factory came to operation processing breaded shrimp products.
  • FMC has run a 270 ha BAP and ASC certified shrimp farm that helps to please our customers with a safe shrimp source. In 2013, FMC recorded a milestone of over 100 million USD in turnover, and it continued strive for another turnover record of 200 million USD in 2021. With over 25 years of efficient operations, FIMEX VN has been awarded 9 times by the state with emulation flags, title of honor - Hero of Labor, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Labor Orders.
  • FMC plans to double its farming area until 2025 and takes advantage of all FTAs to expand the business enhancing operation efficiency targeted to be the second largest shrimp exporter of Vietnam.



- Product: ensure safeness, deliciousness, and nutritiousness.

- Work: do with high responsibility.